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Personal, Specific and Productive
Crimson Retail develops personal, specific and productive relationships with clients. An initial consultation will assess your business’ needs to see how much or how little you require our input. There are no ready made retail packages here: every client is different and all our services are bespoke. In this day and age of limitless choice, customers need to feel an affinity with the brands they buy. It is important to ensure your brand message is communicated at every level of the customer experience. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool you have as a retailer, so it is critical that your customers feel that they are buying the right product at the right price from a company they trust and respect – and have fun doing it. Achieving this is the key to your success.

Find your target customer, respect and nurture them
Every product has a target customer and as a retailer, you must know them, nurture them and respect them. After all, it will be this customer that determines the success of your business. Encouraging the development of the bond between your business and your target customer will ultimately make your company more memorable to the customer, and will therefore increase the chances of you being their first choice in future. The ability to have these personal relationships is one of the biggest advantages smaller businesses have in the marketplace, so listen to and learn from your customers.

Maintain the essence of your business as it grows
Business growth should never overshadow the essence and original ideals of the company nor should it take precedence over the target customer. It is vital to bear this in mind when planning the sustainable growth and development of your business. One sees all too often companies and brands that fail after expanding and losing all that made them special in the first place, for the pursuit of short-term profit.

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