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Crimson Retail can offer you a tailor-made retail consultancy service based on the particular needs of your business. Whether it is finding and establishing the right store location, advising on brand communication, assessing retail performance or simply going through a start-up business checklist, Crimson Retail can give your business the care and attention it deserves, by tailoring our services to suit your individual needs.

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"Crimson Retail has been priceless to us in the planning of our business. Due to the nature of our business model which relies upon relatively infrequent exhibition sales around the world we required an extremely specific and targeted strategy which Emily, through her expertise, imagination and intuition mapped out for us with terrific results. At no stage did she try to 'change' our approach, rather identified what we wanted to achieve and helped us do so........in addition to which, her genuine and heartfelt interest in her clients was demonstrated by her wanting to know how things were progressing and if we felt the process she laid out was proving effective........as an added bonus, she is excellent company which makes working with Crimson Retail even more of a pleasure."

Jay Dave and Tamara Lepinski
Owners of Taw Jewellery
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